Gravenwyn is a D&D v3.5 campaign designed for 4-5 player characters that is intended to span many levels (1-20). Players will be chosen based on the quality of the characters they design and whether or not they have followed all of the other rules listed below.


  1. Characters may be created using any published supplemental material from D&D v3.5, excluding material that is in magazines or otherwise hard to find publications. If you have questions regarding material you want to use, email to discuss your options.
  2. Acceptable races include any standard PHB v3.5 races as well as any race found in Races of Stone, Races of the Wild, Races of Destiny, or Races of the Dragon, provided they DO NOT receive racial hit dice. Beginning with racial hit dice causes problems balancing the campaign and makes playing a standard race feel like you are being penalized. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  3. Ability Scores will be rolled using the following formula: Roll 3D6 and add 3. Ability scores will range between 6 and 21 using this method (before racial bonuses), and should hopefully prevent PC’s from needing to roll 4 dice, drop the lowest, reroll 1’s, etc. Your ability scores will need to be witnessed by at least one other player or the GM before character creation can be approved.
  4. When creating your character, if you select the Dodge Feat, the bonus to AC will automatically apply to each and every target that may attack you. Declaring which target to avoid makes little sense, as any decent adventurer would try to dodge all of his enemies’ attacks. The same rule will apply to any monsters, NPC’s, or other enemies who may have the Dodge Feat.
  5. ALL characters will begin with the Feat Quick Draw for free, as will all monsters, NPC’s, etc. Any adventurer who cannot quickly draw a weapon and still move or attack will not last long in this world.
  6. In addition to beginning with the free feat listed above, new feats will be gained at 2nd level and at every EVEN level after that. This change is to accomodate the nature of the campaign and boost the power of the characters to add to players’ enjoyment. Remember, what is good for the players is good for the GM as well, so all monsters, NPC’s, and enemies will follow the same method for adding feats.
  7. If you would like to use the Flaw Variant for your character, you may choose a maximum of 2 flaws at 1st level, and they MUST come from Unearthed Arcana. NO EXCEPTIONS.


  1. The GM has the final say on ANY rules dispute, period. The rules as they are written will be followed as closely as possible (with the exceptions listed above), but the purpose of the Gravenwyn campaign is not to get bogged down with minutae or constantly refer to rulebooks for determinations. Common sense will be used and ROLEPLAYING will be rewarded more handsomely than power-gaming. This is not a hack & slash campaign and players who focus solely on the rulebooks and characters stats will quickly find their characters lagging behind those who choose to roleplay their characters correctly.

In short, this game and world are the result of many hours of work and thought, and I will only accept players that are willing to accept these rules.

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