Malivune, First Sage of Gelsha (Legendary)

Malivune is the oldest known human to ever have lived in Gravenwyn. He is also the estranged First Sage of Gelsha whose whereabouts are the subject of many rumors and legends.


[Race: Human]
[Sex: Male]
[Homeland: Gibbon’s Glenn, Gelsha]
[Age: ???]

Physical Description:
Malivune is a silver-haired old man who wears flowing robes of various soft colors. His eyes are steel-blue and piercing, and he requires the aid of a staff in order to walk more than short distances. Historical accounts of the seer-sage say that he wears a miniature silver astrolabe on a chain around his neck at all times, which he tends to absently manipulate with his fingers when he is in deep thought.


Born in the village of Gibbon’s Glenn in the Kingdom of Gelsha, Malivune is the author of many famous manuscripts, including Of Origins Infinite, Whispers of the Gods, Treatise Arcana, and Seven Inevitable Futures. Each of his controversial works contain secrets to the inner-workings of the multiverse in addition to bold, sometimes frightening predictions of future events. Malivune is the oldest known human to ever have lived in Gravenwyn. The exact date of his birth is debated by historians, but he was rumored to be well over 450 years of age on the date of his last recorded sighting.

Although Malivune was honored to be appointed the First Sage of Gelsha by the former Gelshin king, upon penning Treatise Arcana in which his musings seemed to undermine Gelsha’s Laws of Arcane Prohibition, Malivune abandoned his post as Gelshin royal advisor and is thought to have fled the kingdom. History now considers Malivune one of the Gelshin crown’s most hated enemies.

Conflicting rumors regarding the seer-sage’s whereabouts can be heard in the common rooms of taverns all across Gravenwyn. For each bard who claims to have spotted Malivune on the trade road into Pendlehaven, there is another who knows the secret location of his grave near his childhood home in Gibbon’s Glenn.



Malivune, First Sage of Gelsha (Legendary)